5-day Standard Cleanse

5-day Standard Cleanse

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Pure Simple Juice Standard 5-Day Cleanse

In making the decision to do a cleanse, you have decided to dedicate time for yourself, to rest, realign and commit to participating in the cleanse itself.  The Pure Simple Juice cleanse includes five 16-ounce glass bottles of detoxifying and rejuvenating blends each day, along with a healing and warming broth. Our cleanses are 100% plant based and organic.

We make it easy.  All you have to do is take the time for yourself and decide how many days you would like to participate.  To get the most out of your cleanse, we recommend giving yourself 2-3 days beforehand to prepare by cutting out certain foods and alcohol, and a few days after to re-introduce healthier foods into your diet to look and feel your best.

Per Day, One 16-ounce bottle of each freshly pressed juice:

  • Green lemonade (lemon, apple, parsley, E-3 blue-green algae)
  • Pumpkin Seed milk (pumpkin seeds, dates, maple syrup, cardamom, cinnamon, pink          himalayan sea salt)
  • Carrot Plus (carrot, beet, winter squash, ginger, thyme)
  • Green Juice (cucumber, kale, lettuce, celery, fennel, spinach, parsley, cilantro)
  • Ginger Turmeric Tonic (Apple, Grapefruit, Ginger, Turmeric, just add hot/cold water)
  • Veggie Miso broth
  • Handouts on what do before, during and after the cleanse

For 5-day Cleanses Pick-up/Delivery will be done in (2) sessions:

Pick-ups from our kitchen on Wednesday or Sunday 10am-2pm.

1st Delivery Wednesday or Sunday w/in Portland Metro area $10, 2nd Delivery scheduled after purchase.

Orders must be placed 72 hours in advance of pick-up date.

Please email hello@puresimplejuice.com for availability if less than 72 hours.