Why I Cleanse?

It is perhaps obvious that I am a believer in the benefits of cleansing your diet and body but I wanted to share that not only do I support those whom are cleansing but do in fact participate myself. And now is the time for a cleanse for me.

How did I know? Well after a month of house guests and entertaining I was left with a feeling of slow digestion, oily skin and fully addicted to caffeine. I certainly enjoyed myself and many of Portland’s indulgences, possibly a little too much at times but I know I pushed my edge and after my last guest left I was clearly very ready to bring balance and health back into my life.

So where to begin? Caffeine. I always like to eliminate caffeine first, as it’s difficult and I can get grumpy if I make a lot of changes at once. The perfect time I thought was just before I went backpacking last weekend. Days 1,2,3, and 4 left me with a small aching head but I also had aching everything after hiking 25 miles so alas am happy to report now day 6, no headache.Today I began with herbal coffee (dandelion root, maca powder, and some other healing herbs) as mentally I really wanted coffee because it’s gray and coldish and coffee just goes right along with those things. Herbal coffee fulfilled my desires enough and I have officially deemed myself unaddicted, for now anyway.

Cleanses vary and can be really anything you like from water cleanses to only raw foods. I have decided the theme of my cleanse-Vitality!  Bringing life force through truly nourishing foods and I am aiming for 90% raw and/or sprouted foods….so begins my cleanse with vitality salads, sprouted grains, veggies and Pure Simple Juice Smoothies. Feeling better already after putting that intention out there. And so I begin, starting off with a farm fresh delivery of swiss chard, salad greens, heirloom tomatoes and wild blackberries….recipes to come.

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