What is this anyway?

Well Welcome to the Pure Simple Juice blog—Pure Simple Juice is a developing business bringing freshly pressed juices to those in the Portland, Oregon area. And these juices are not just any juice, really. Unique blends include kale,apple,parsley,mint and apple,carrot,ginger. Flavors change seasonally and always feature locally-grown, organic produce. We have spent a long time crafting our juices to be just right and bring you tons of good nutrition while still being incredibly tasty.

This summer you will be able to find these juices and try them out for yourself at the Portland Farmers Market. Pure Simple Juice will be spending its flagship season at the NW 19th/Everett Market every Thursday 3-7pm.

In addition, we are really excited to be offering them to you as part of a 1-or 3-day liquid cleanse. So what does that mean anyway? Well a liquid cleanse is like a fast where you drink juices, herbal tea, lemonade and nut milk for a period of three days. And Why? might you say would you want to do this? Because it feels good and it gives your body a rest. As a whole, we are constantly on the move, overworked, busy, stressed, overstimulated, and sometimes overstuffed by food. Scientifically, juice cleanses have not been proven to be a wonder cure however if you look at the history, many cultures regularly incorporate cleanses or fasts as part of their life supporting traditions.

My favorite part of the cleanse is you stop thinking about food…what do you want to eat? what you have to buy? or make? Instead, you just drink the beverages provided and focus your mind elsewhere. Allowing you an opportunity to use your energy otherwise or to look inwardly and reconnect with yourself. And of course after the cleanse many people find they appreciate food more (really really appreciate food) and look more closely at what they choose to put into their bodies. Overall, it brings a little balance into your life and definitely into your body.

That is Pure Simple Juice, in brief. Of course if you have any additional questions get in touch with us through our web site or blog and let us know what you are thinking. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our juices with you too!

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