Purple Carrot Juice

Purple Carrot/Apple/Beet Juice!

Thanks Prairie Creek Farms for the incredible purple carrots! And thanks to our head veggie soux chef for this interesting fact about carrots we all learned at Pure Simple Juice this week.

Carrots have been consumed as a medicine, a spice, and a staple food for well over ten thousand years. Now here is where it gets interesting; initially cultivated on the Iranian Plateau, carrots came in a broad spectrum of colors: white, black, red, purple, yellow, and multi-hued. The modern orange carrot did not appear until orange mutant varietals appeared in mid-1700s Europe, at which point Dutch nationalists adopted the new carrot as a symbol to celebrate the victory of William I of Orange over Spain and newly-won Dutch independence. Who knew?

Stop by the Pure Simple Juice Kitchen/Salt, Fire & Time Wednesday-Friday 11-7pm and grab a bottle.


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