PDX Swappers

I recently attended the second PDX food swap hosted by Sustainable Food for Thought and Abby’s Table. It was a lovely evening spent quickly wheeling and dealing trades for my own 8 delicious bottles of almond milk. After scoping out the goods and signing up for the items you wish for, it was a fast process and nearly all items were traded away within moments of the start.

My take-home bounty included:

challah bread
comfrey fennel salve
pickled sea vegetables
spicy collards
6-pack of Black Lab IPA
raw beet saurkraut
1 puff pastry
Raw vegetables with raw ranch dip

Amazing. If only I could do this every week, I’d be set and well fed.

Check out this link for info and future events: http://sustainablefoodforthought.blogspot.com/2011/05/pdx-food-swap-spring-2011-highlights.html


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