Great Things with Almond Milk

I’ve been taking advantage of the post-market, pre-holiday seasonal lull to try out some new recipes and plan for a new and exciting year. As part of that, Pure Simple Juice, along with the help of a supportive and energetic customer, is working on a new recipe for nut milk that can be frothed, steamed, and sipped in one fine cup of coffee. So stay tuned for our very own cafe blend.

At the coffee shop with Brennan Novak & Courier Coffee:

November 9th, 2011

Liberty Glass starts brunch this weekend, one of the accounts we roast coffee for. Located down hill from the intersection of Fremont & Mississippi, in the house. They will be brewing one liter at a time, between making bloody mary’s, beer, and dishing out breakfast.
The espresso batch we tapped into this week (at our bar) is an improvement over last. Tuesday and Today were pretty killer for making Little Buddy’s, and straight espresso with the El Salvador Rosario farm coffee of 11/7/5am. Last week espresso was a  touch dark for our taste, and actually we still want to go yet lighter with our espresso roast. Much improving to go! Always feel free to tell us your thoughts on drinks please, we are here to help.
Bakery items have been switching up quite a bit on bar. We are reworking the molasses cookie recipe to include more butter than before, and then attempting to rework a second recipe of the same that is entirely vegan (at the suggestion of Dovetail Baking). Each milk drink made “for here” is now getting plated with a tiny molasses cookie (of the butter recipe), last weeks cookies were gingerbread.  The Muffins especially we are working to cram as much healthy stuff in as possible (more whole wheat, amaranth, house milled golden flax). Keep in mind almost all of our grain and seed is Bobs Redmill, and all our molasses is organic. Above we are running tests on non-gmo dairy alternatives. Everything except bars and granola we are baking off each morning!

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