A little known way to boost immunity.

Try this quick and easy at home Immune-Booster from Dr. Louise Rose. Why is it that many people can be exposed to a circulating flu bug or virus, but only a few people get sick? Naturopathic doctors like to talk about the “terrain” of the body. We work with patients to build a vital terrain, [...]

Real Food.

Real food for you! Chef Kimi Reid is incredible in the kitchen, her menus are truly awesome & she makes our kitchen smell delightful too. On the table this week:  – Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Preserved Lemon – Herb and Pistachio Falafel, Cucumber and Red Onion salad, Tzatziki -Pasta Primavera: Asparagus, peas, watercress, truffle -Vegetable [...]

Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse

It’s official Spring is (nearly) here and the Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse has been launched! Today was our first run of the Spring juices and we added a Cucumber/Red Apple/Dandelion Greens/ Fennel/ Mint/ Lemon to the cleanse. It’s AMAZING. Tastes like Spring. The refreshing and light flavors of cucumber, fennel and mint are highlighted by the [...]

Are you ready for Spring?

Is your body ready for Spring?  Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse Coming This Weekend! Our Spring Cleanse features healing green elements including: parsley, dandelion greens, spinach and blue-green algae.  Spring is the quintessential season for cleaning. As the Spring Equinox approaches, it is an important and inspiring time to do a cleansing fast. The days are getting [...]

Passion for Juice

I was recently asked why I am so passionate about my work, and this was my response:“It’s the kid smacking their lips in enjoyment, the exclamation, ‘this green juice is incredible for me, I can just feel it’ or a simple ‘thank you, the cleanse was just what I needed to get back on track.’ [...]

Now you can have fresh juice & dinner too!

Fresh Food + Fresh Juice = Pure Nourishment Pure Simple Juice has had the pleasure of partnering with Chef Kimi Reid this past month to create a new Pure Simple Juice & Food program. The package includes three, 16-ounce fresh fruit and vegetable juices per day plus one healthy balanced meal. We bring good nutrition [...]

Why I Cleanse?

It is perhaps obvious that I am a believer in the benefits of cleansing your diet and body but I wanted to share that not only do I support those whom are cleansing but do in fact participate myself. And now is the time for a cleanse for me. How did I know? Well after [...]

Why Juice?

Why Juice? As a dietitian with a former career in counseling and teaching nutrition education classes, the transition to food is not completely off the wall but many times I have received the question, why juice? As juice these days has a pretty bad reputation and in fact, some people would put juice in the [...]

Where can you find amazing, fresh, local juice?

As Pure Simple Juice rolls along with summer and it’s community of loyal and new customers and friends steadily grows, I realize that it may not quite be clear the various ways in which you can incorporate Pure Simple Juice into your life. So how can you get your hands on Pure Simple Juice? 1) [...]

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Inspiring story of people taking control of their health through guess what? Juice of course. http://youtu.be/x9SGWcZwk7c