New Organic Juice for 2013!

New juice blend; The Ginger-Tonic is our latest blend and healthful addition to the Pure Simple Juice cleanse. We combined the nutrition benefit of turmeric, ginger, honey and lemon to make a powerful healer. This juice is great for digestion and is anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. New Retail Locations Gravitas 5210 SW Corbett Ave. Portland, OR 97239 503.381.0046 All’s [...]

Thanksgiving Specials

The easiest side dish, quick breakfast, fuel while cooking or post feast stomach soother. Pure Simple Juice Seasonal Thanksgiving Specials Apple/beet/ginger/cinnamon. By combining seasonal Jonagold apples from Upper Valley Organic Farm with ginger and cinnamon this juice is both sweet and spicy. It is delightful warm or chilled. Asian pear/kale/ginger/lemon. Featuring beautiful organic Asian Pears from Big Barn Organics. It’s [...]

Purple Carrot Juice

Purple Carrot/Apple/Beet Juice! Thanks Prairie Creek Farms for the incredible purple carrots! And thanks to our head veggie soux chef for this interesting fact about carrots we all learned at Pure Simple Juice this week. Carrots have been consumed as a medicine, a spice, and a staple food for well over ten thousand years. Now [...]

Fall Beauty.

Photo compliments of PranaMama

Beets, Spinach, Carrots, Apples and More

Way to go Gravitas Cleanse Group, you drank over 300 pounds of vibrant organic produce this past weekend. Cheers to your health!

Juice Cleansing in Fall

For me the turning of the seasons is always a time to both celebrate and reflect. I recently found myself pondering my favorite memories and moments of the summer and then looking forward to what the coming months will bring. I like to ask myself about my intentions for the coming months and use the [...]

Gravitas Yoga & Juice Cleanse

Pure Simple Juice is getting excited to offer our first yoga/juice cleanse experience with Gravitas Yoga on Thursday, September 27th. Check out their studio for awesome antigravity yoga classes, infrared hot yoga classes and infrared sauna. All great ways to get your body moving and sweating to help get the toxins out while doing a cleanse. For [...]

Gut Killers Part III

Gut Killer #3 Stress  The gut and the brain hold a powerful connection, In fact, the gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain or belly brain. Your gut has even more neurons than your brain. That being said it makes sense that in order to have healthy digestion you must avoid unnecessary [...]

Sellwood Yoga + Juice Cleanse

Join Pure Simple Juice & Sellwood Yoga for 3 days of juice cleanse plus unlimited yoga The “Self Care Nourishment” information class meets on Thursday, September 20th from 7:30-8:15pm. The 3 day cleanse goes from Friday-Sunday (9/21-23). The yoga pass is valid for an unlimited number of classes at Sellwood Yoga from Friday, 9/21 – Sunday, 9/23. Total Package $210 [...]

#2 Gut Killer-Gluten

Mass-produced breads and snack foods often contain genetically-modified grains that have not been allowed to germinate in their natural patterns. Instead they are comprised of larger size proteins (meaning hard to digest) and contain components which are altered to attack the gut of any bugs that may harvest on the grain. In turn as we [...]