Market Day!

Ta Da! Pure Simple Juice’s premier at the Thursday NW Portland Farmer’s Market.

Good News-Pure Simple Juice Nut/Seed Milks Coming Soon!

Pure Simple Juice is now making amazing plant-based milks. Our latest varieties include: almond/pumpkin seed/date and almond/hazelnut/honey. So where can you find them? Opening this week Salt, Fire & Time Traditional Grocery & Classroom, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm 1902 NW 24th Ave, Portland and Portland Farmers Market, starting June 2nd, Thursdays 3-7pm NW 19th/Everett, Portland So for [...]

PDX Swappers

I recently attended the second PDX food swap hosted by Sustainable Food for Thought and Abby’s Table. It was a lovely evening spent quickly wheeling and dealing trades for my own 8 delicious bottles of almond milk. After scoping out the goods and signing up for the items you wish for, it was a fast [...]

Round Two–Weekday Cleansers Begin

Round two, freshly pressed, ready-to-go, box and all this time. Pure Simple Juice’s, second round of juice testers is beginning the weekday cleanse tomorrow. As for the weekend group, they are still fasting, a bit hungry but consensus is juices are really tasty.  Some of you may be asking so why would you do such [...]

Business as Usual

An inspiring thought to me as the business owner whom just picked up her first round of  produce while strolling through the Portland Farmers Market this weekend. A complete change of pace for one whom has spent enough years now sitting in a basement office and/or cubicle behind a computer to really appreciate the difference. [...]

Its Market Season!

The farmers markets have begun and the fresh produce and goodies abound! Although some may have the impression that the pickings are slim at the markets this time of year, after having been to the PSU market these past two weekends, I would have to disagree. Highlights this week included tons of leafy green vegetables [...]

What is this anyway?

Well Welcome to the Pure Simple Juice blog—Pure Simple Juice is a developing business bringing freshly pressed juices to those in the Portland, Oregon area. And these juices are not just any juice, really. Unique blends include kale,apple,parsley,mint and apple,carrot,ginger. Flavors change seasonally and always feature locally-grown, organic produce. We have spent a long time [...]

And the juice goes on

Pure Simple Juice trials….deliciousness vs. food “safety”? Here we are very scientifically testing the safety of our juices. Actually we were doing taste trials with various natural preservatives. Apparently raw juice is a rather hazardous material, all those antioxidants and vitamins are an incredible danger to your body….In fact, when selling juice I must include [...]

Number 01

We are now in the future…  Whoa.  Crazy?  That’s so profound… I think this is a good example of what this will look like (our blog) and we will hopefully be providing you insights, updates, info and interesting things to learn when you are doing the cleanse, drinking the juice, or discovering PURE simple juice [...]