Last Call….

Dear Pure Simple Juice Friends & Supporters, As many of you know, I began Pure Simple Juice as a way of bringing better health to others, sharing my knowledge of nutrition through an experience and supporting local farmers. It has been an amazing experience to see this come to fruition and I have never felt [...]

Holiday Juice Cleanse

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes and JUICE! Holiday Cleanse Prepare yourself for the holidays with a Pure Simple Juice Holiday Cleanse! Join us for our After-Thanksgiving 3-day Juice Feast. To help you lighten up and restart before the seasonal bombardment of holiday cookies and cocktails begins. $150/3-day cleanse available on Tuesday, December 3rd.  [...]

Pure Simple Juice Fall Cleanse

We invite you to tune into the changing of the seasons and honor the coming of Fall and support your body in detox with our Pure Simple Juice Equinox Cleanse. Fall is a great time to cleanse. Allow your body to adjust from the warmer weather and cooler foods of summer by transitioning to Fall [...]

Support Natural Detox Juice Cleanse

Our bodies are working hard every day to digest the foods we eat, assimilate what we need and get rid of what we don’t.  Steps you can take to support Natural Detox include: Eliminate Toxic Ingredients (ie. Get rid of what you don’t want or need) To begin with this includes refined flours, hydrogenated oils, [...]

Fall Pressed Juice Cleanse

The end of BBQ season is here, kids are going back to school, it’s time to take get back on track! As summer comes to a close it is a great time to restore yourself back to health with the assistance of a Pure Simple Juice cleanse. As seasons change cleansing is beneficial in helping [...]

Pure Simple Juice Fall Juice Cleanses

We are back in the kitchen. Juice cleanses will be available starting Wednesday, August 21st pick-up.  Stay tuned for exciting upcoming events. Cheers!

1-Day Pressed Juice Cleanse

Beat the Summer Heat with a juice feast! Try our 1-day juice cleanse this July for a quick health boost and day of simple juice refreshment. Don’t worry about cooking or eating just drink juice. Special 1-Day Cleanse Sale Pick-up: Sunday (Monday Cleanse) or Wednesday (Thursday cleanse)  $45 in July Included are Our Summer 2013 [...]

Juice Cleanse Discount

It is our Anniversary! It has been two incredible years in business. Pure Simple Juice has come a long way from our start at the Thursday, Portland Farmers Markets and I am eternally grateful for a wonderful team of Pure Simple Juicers that make it all happen. I also thank you for all of your [...]

7-Day Whole Foods Cleanse

Get Ready for Summer, Join us for the Summer Nutrition Reboot! As the seasons changes, lives get busier and you prepare for a fun-filled summer of vacation, outdoor activities, happy hours and all else your life may bring, let us help you make a healthy transition. The nutrition reboot is a short-break from your current [...]

Top 5 Reasons Why Seasonal Juice Cleanses Are A Must

Check out a recent Pure Simple Juice cleanse participant, Sondra Bloxom with YogaGrow’s insight on a juice cleansing and what it can do for you!