Apr / 17

Round Two–Weekday Cleansers Begin

Round two, freshly pressed, ready-to-go, box and all this time. Pure Simple Juice’s, second round of juice testers is beginning the weekday cleanse tomorrow. As for the weekend group, they are still fasting, a bit hungry but consensus is juices are really tasty. 

Some of you may be asking so why would you do such a thing to yourself? I certainly have my own reasons as the dietitian, founder and deliverer of the cleanse, for my answer you can check out the web site www.puresimplejuice.com. Instead I’ll share with you thoughts from those that I asked prior to the cleanse. These reasons included: Seeing what it’s like to go without eating, trying a fast because they’ve never done one before, athletic performance adjustments, personalizing the seasonal changes currently taking place, helping to relieve allergies both from the seasonal change as well as to gauge how their body reacts to certain foods after “clearing the palette” so to speak, longevity and lifestyle/eating habit changes for better health. 

All great and very different reasons to participate in an activity that is designed to challenge your everyday routine, as well as allow you to reflect and understand more concretely, how your body uses the sustenance we require. 

Apr / 16

Juice Day!

Yesterday marked day one in the Pure Simple Juice commercial kitchen. I prepared a total of 59 (small calculating error) bottles of juice for a few fine friends whom are participating in the first ever official Pure Simple Juice Cleanse. Their role is to do the cleanse which is of course an accomplishment for themselves but also to give Pure Simple Juice feedback to make the juices tastier and make the cleanse experience even better for all.

Everyone took home a nice 15-pack of juices which included: kale/apple/parsley/mint, spicy lemonade, apple/carrot/ginger and almond/pumpkin seed/date milk. All made from the finest of ingredients (mostly Oregon based!).

So whether or not they knew it, I am thankful for the following farms for supplying me with the fresh and delicious produce for the first official production day:

Abundant Harvest–Kale
Groundworks Oregon–Parsley
Prairie Creek Farm–Carrots
Kiyokawa Family Orchards–Apples, Lots and Lots of Apples
People’s Food Coop–Miscellaneous ingredients

So I’m hoping everyone is enjoying their first morning juice and I will have more to come from the juice cleansers soon….

Apr / 11

Business as Usual

An inspiring thought to me as the business owner whom just picked up her first round of  produce while strolling through the Portland Farmers Market this weekend. A complete change of pace for one whom has spent enough years now sitting in a basement office and/or cubicle behind a computer to really appreciate the difference.  I had pre-arranged some bulk purchases yet all other purchases I left to what looked delicious and ready to juice. And I was glad, as I was able to get a hold of some very sweet orange and purple carrots from Prairie Creek Farm and am super excited to share with everyone this weekend. The juice will be beautiful! And in fact, they said their business really got of the ground with juices back in 1960, so I’d imagine the carrot juice will be really good.

In full Portland-style I rode my bike as I am seeking out the sun as most of us are this time of year, well what little sun we had that day but that is besides the point, so I wore my large hiking backpack and loaded it up. Needless to say after riding home with 10 pounds of carrots, 8 bunches of parsley, kale and a dozen eggs carefully placed on top I was quite exhausted but it was worth it.

This is certainly something that I have had to remind myself of from time to time through the last few months as the nerves set in and the business launch date creeps closer. But it is worth it, as to me Pure Simple Juice is building upon my career but is also bringing me deeper into a community which I love and appreciate. Between meeting a few local farmers so far, setting up the shared kitchen space and learning from other local business owners, I’ve been out there in ways that I had not before which has been a challenge but at the same time, I can’t help but thinking if this is business as usual, then I like it.

Apr / 5

Its Market Season!

The farmers markets have begun and the fresh produce and goodies abound! Although some may have the impression that the pickings are slim at the markets this time of year, after having been to the PSU market these past two weekends, I would have to disagree.

Highlights this week included tons of leafy green vegetables such as the beautiful swiss chard in the picture, wild mushrooms and nettles. For those of you whom may not be familiar nettles are a leafy green, most often known as stinging nettle. You will know why if you have ever accidentally touched one of these voracious plants. The deal is though, once you get past this part, nettles are incredibly nutritious and for those of you whom suffer from seasonal allergies, nettles can be your best friend in defense. So I mention them, as they do not tend to be top on the grocery list. Freeze-dried are helpful in providing anti-inflammatory relief, dried in tea can help clear the sinuses and fresh give you a strong antioxidant boost.

So tips for nettle preparation–really don’t touch fresh nettles, use gloves. The nettle either needs to be boiled for a few seconds, sauteed or thrown into a food processor to relieve you of the stinging element.

Okay so how to use them? Like an other green, as a side, in a pesto or I made them into tasty herbed nettle pancakes as suggested by the Portland Farmers Market.


Mar / 27

Lessons from a cleanse

As Pure Simple Juice develops and the daily to-do list grows, I decided to take a moment for myself and participate in my own cleanse. Although this was not my first every dietary cleanse, it certainly was a monumental one as I was fully immersed in it from all perspectives.

Just a few lessons that I learned:

1) Really, one should not drink that glass of wine (or two) pre-cleanse. Seems like a good idea but really when you wake up a little hazy and you are craving something salty and hearty but instead are faced with a bottle of juice, you start off first morning of with a very difficult decision to make.

2) The vanilla almond pumpkin seed milk was the most amazing addition to the cleanse ever. After a day of juice, lemonade and herbal tea, I felt like I was drinking the most exotic and dreamy beverage that was ever created. Yummm.

3) It’s a challenge. It takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to do something out of your routine. And although this is part of the benefit of it all, it can also be very difficult at times. This is one of the reasons why, as part of Pure Simple Juice cleanse I am offering my support and guidance to clients.  I actually read through my own frequently asked questions, reasons to cleanse and list of reasons why I decided to do this in the first place, at least twice daily.

4)  Day 3, I no longer craved or thought about my morning cup of coffee which was a surprise.  I was pretty energetic, well at least until 7pm…. And when I cooked my first meal my appreciation for it was remarkable. Most importantly, I was happy for myself for accomplishing the cleanse and for the benefit it had on my body and overall, I really did feel good.