Aug / 23

A quick hello & market update

It’s beautiful Oregon berry season and therefore once again we will have wild blackberry, golden apple, ginger & lemon juice. Chocked full of antioxidants and disease-fighters! Also this week Green Lemon. Just because it is so good–tasty and amazingly healthy too. Cucumber, Apple, Kale, Parsley & Lemon. And as always we’ll have a few bottles of our Pure Simple Juice signature Almond Milk.

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Portland Farmers Market, NW 19th/Everett 3-7pm this Thursday

Coming Up–Free Event! Pure Simple Juice Opening Celebration, Saturday September 10th 6-9pm at Salt, Fire & Time Kitchen. More Details to Come.

Aug / 18

It’s the week of decadence.

Inspired by some warmer weather and sunshine, Pure Simple Juice is in the mood for some pure deliciousness. So we did a little playing around with new ingredients and recipes and are bringing a few exciting new blends to the market this week. 

At the Market:
carrot, apple, beet
wild blackberry, lemon, apple, ginger
chocolate almond milk

If you too feel inspired by the sunshine and want to try a delicious dessert, use any leftover juice (this is the tough part) to make a batch of granita. A fantastic and of course, healthish summer treat.

Basic Granita
Refreshing in flavor and easy to make, granita (pronounced grah-NEE-tah) is popular throughout Italy.  These ices are a mixture of water, sugar and a flavoring. They are grainy in texture and are frozen in a pan in the freezer.  The goal when making granita is to create coarse granular crystals or flakes of ice; you are not trying to create a smooth mixture such as a sorbet, which is made in an ice cream maker.  

Basic Recipe:
2 cups Pure Simple Juice, any flavor you like
½ cup sugar

Choose a large, shallow pan (8 x 12 x 2-inches) that allows the mixture to spread out.  While you are assembling the recipe, place the empty pan and your stirring fork in the freezer to chill.  Also chill the glasses you will be using to serve the granita in later.  

Pour the mixture into the pan and place in the freezer.  Every 30 minutes, using a fork, stir the granita, scraping it off the bottom and sides of the pan.  Break up the frozen parts near the edges into smaller chunks and rake them toward the center.  Continue to freeze and break up ice crystals until completely frozen, about 3 hours.  If at any time the granita freezes too hard, simply leave it out at room temperature for a few minutes until it softens enough to be
stirred again with a fork. Then return it to the freezer.

Check your granita mixture 20-30 minutes before serving to make sure that you can scoop the surface with a spoon.  If it is too firm, let it stand at room temperature until serving time.  To serve, scrape across the top of the frozen mixture with a large spoon.  Granita is usually served in chilled footed dessert dishes, goblets, or wine glasses.  For a finishing touch, top with a small cookies, berries, lemon zest, or a sprig of mint.

Summer Cleanse 2011

Don’t miss out! This weekend is our last intro to cleanse class for the summer. Come learn more about the basics and benefits of a cleanse. Sunday August 21st, 4-5pm.
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Order your Pure Simple Juice cleanse now. The Summer 3-day cleanse package available for pick-up Sunday, August 21st.

Aug / 9

This Week 8.9.11

This Week
We’ll have a few of our favorites at the market this week:

Green Lemon (Cucumber, Sour yellow apples, Sweet apples, Kale, Parsley, & Lemon)
CarrotAppleGinger (Carrot, Apple, Ginger)
Cinnamon Almond Milk (Almond, Pumpkin Seed, Date, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon & Sea Salt)

Thursday, NW 19th/Everett, 3-7pm
Pre-order your juices or request larger quantities by Wednesday,

Coming Up
The final Summer Intro-To-Cleanse Class will be held Sunday, August 21st 4-5pm. Join us for the basics of cleanses & while you are at it, find some balance and health and sign-up for our 3-day cleanse! More information & Ordering:

Save The Date
Saturday, September 10th-Pure Simple Juice-Opening Celebration-Desserts & Drinks 7pm. Additional Details will follow.

Aug / 9

Why Juice?

Why Juice?
As a dietitian with a former career in counseling and teaching nutrition education classes, the transition to food is not completely off the wall but many times I have received the question, why juice? As juice these days has a pretty bad reputation and in fact, some people would put juice in the same category as other junk foods such as soda and candy in contributing to our outrageous rates of obesity, diabetes and disease. So it may seem to some questionable why I would not only be endorsing but promoting and making fresh juice. My answer, fresh juice is not the same as juice you find in grocery stores, it’s just not. Pure Simple Juice is made with the most beautiful fresh, organic produce, hand juiced and pressed, then bottled and brought to you immediately. There is no added sugar or “natural” flavors, it is just that, pure simple juice. If you are concerned about the natural sugar found in fruits, then choose the vegetables juices or mix your juice with seltzer water and drink smaller amounts at one time.

Why Raw Juice?
Fresh juice contains wonderful components that encourage wellness and healing. Our body’s cells help protect us against free radicals and oxidative damage with the help of antioxidants and enzymes found in plants. Because each glass of Pure Simple Juice provides at least 3-4 servings of fruits and/or vegetables, with each sip you are ensured you are getting a good dose of these powerful healers. Although raw juice is missing some of the fiber found in fresh, it’s the juice that contains the nourishment. There are plenty of other ways to get the fiber you need–beans (beans have up to 10 grams per serving!), lentils, oats, whole grains, psyllium, flax seeds, chia seeds and of course fruits and vegetables. And lastly, Pure Simple Juice just tastes so amazing!

Aug / 1

Pure Simple Juice This Week

Summer Cleanse 2011 – Beautiful!


Join us this SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th for our introduction to cleanse class/cleanse box pick-up, 4-5pm. So perhaps your thinking, why a juice cleanse? Well there are many reasons which you can learn more about at the class but in brief, a cleanse is a great way to find balance, rest your digestive organs and take a minute to give some attention to your body and it’s nutrition needs. What you get, five bottles of detoxifying, refreshing juice per day for 3 whole days. In addition, broth, herbal tea and plenty of support and nutrition guidance from myself. And what better a time then during those hot summer days, really who wants to cook right now anyway? 
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JUICE BLENDS for August 4th

Summer is upon us and now is the time to get your fill of our very own Oregon-grown fresh fruit! Join us at the market this week for the amazing, Strapplepeach (strawberry, apple, peach, of course) or Pure Simple Juice’s new favorite Green Lemonade (Sour yellow apples, Sweet apples, Kale, Parsley, & Lemon).

Portland  Farmer’s Market NW 19th & Everett, 3-7pm Thursday. Worried about missing out? Email me in advance to pre-order, then ensure you will have a nice cold bottle waiting for you at the market!