Sep / 25

It’s Fall! Pure Simple Juice Cleanses & Classes

It is now officially Fall. As we move forward with the season, the weather changes, and the bustle of summer winds down, it is a time for introspection, cleansing and thought directed inward. As the farmers market comes to a close I’m excited to bring you a number of new Fall nutrition classes and workshops. All a little different in scope and experience but with an emphasis on you and how you can better respect and connect with your physical body and feel better.

Starting This Weekend!
The Self-Care Community Series. Learn how you can better take care of you. Dry-skin brushing, oil pulling, nutrition supplements, where to start? This class series focuses on de-mystifying self-care practice and leaves you knowing how to create your own personalized healthy routine. I wanted to bring you this class because personal I get confused on what should/could I be doing on a regular basis so I invited a few local and very knowledgable speakers to help me answer this question. ??Class I-Sunday, Oct. 2nd-Daily Detox with Louise Rose, Naturopath and owner of Rose Cabinet Medicine, ? 
Register to reserve your space at

Pure Simple Juice Fall Cleanse
Take part in our 3-day juice fast. Five healing and highly nutritious fresh juices per day plus nutrition guidance for pre, throughout and post-cleanse. Everything you need for three days of simplicity, health and wellness. Juice cleanses available weekly for Pick-Up Thursdays & Sundays. Learn more at

Clean, Lean & Vital: 4-week Fall Cleanse
Are you ready to find out exactly how good you CAN feel? Join the group cleanse lead by Dr. Louise Rose at Rose Cabinet Medicine starting September 29th.

Upcoming Workshop!

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Take part in these Opportunities for Health! Be Well!

Sep / 20

Juice Mania!

Dear Pure Simple Juice-loving friends,

This is the second to the last week of the farmers market! I know you all will be a little sad and so will I. We will all certainly  miss the wonderful farm fresh produce and foods that have been at the market this summer. So on that note,  this week I will be bringing you the best of the summer cause why not? I mean you only get watermelons and plums for so long.

Recipes are not firm yet but get ready…

Carrot/Nectarine/Apple-This is the closest I’ve come to Orange Juice, in color and in nutrition content, full of Vitamin C and A and is absolutely divine.

Plum/Asian Pear/Blackberry-Who doesn’t love plum, pear, and blackberry, the finest fruits of summer all blended in to one.

WatermelonMint? WatermelonPeach? WatermelonMelon? Haven’t decided yet, Am taking suggestions. This will be a small batch because I only have a limited supply of melons but sure to be watermelonlishious.

pre-order your juices NOW as you all know some weeks they fly out of the coolers fast. If you have forgotten, Thursday, NW 19th/Everett, Portland Farmers Market 3-7pm.

Sep / 14

And we Celebrated!

Sep / 7

Pure Simple Juice Opening Celebration!!

Aug / 31

Why I Cleanse?

It is perhaps obvious that I am a believer in the benefits of cleansing your diet and body but I wanted to share that not only do I support those whom are cleansing but do in fact participate myself. And now is the time for a cleanse for me.

How did I know? Well after a month of house guests and entertaining I was left with a feeling of slow digestion, oily skin and fully addicted to caffeine. I certainly enjoyed myself and many of Portland’s indulgences, possibly a little too much at times but I know I pushed my edge and after my last guest left I was clearly very ready to bring balance and health back into my life.

So where to begin? Caffeine. I always like to eliminate caffeine first, as it’s difficult and I can get grumpy if I make a lot of changes at once. The perfect time I thought was just before I went backpacking last weekend. Days 1,2,3, and 4 left me with a small aching head but I also had aching everything after hiking 25 miles so alas am happy to report now day 6, no headache.Today I began with herbal coffee (dandelion root, maca powder, and some other healing herbs) as mentally I really wanted coffee because it’s gray and coldish and coffee just goes right along with those things. Herbal coffee fulfilled my desires enough and I have officially deemed myself unaddicted, for now anyway.

Cleanses vary and can be really anything you like from water cleanses to only raw foods. I have decided the theme of my cleanse-Vitality!  Bringing life force through truly nourishing foods and I am aiming for 90% raw and/or sprouted foods….so begins my cleanse with vitality salads, sprouted grains, veggies and Pure Simple Juice Smoothies. Feeling better already after putting that intention out there. And so I begin, starting off with a farm fresh delivery of swiss chard, salad greens, heirloom tomatoes and wild blackberries….recipes to come.