Apr / 10

5 Foods to Avoid Before A Cleanse

Nutrition from the DietitianI was recently discussing the basics of a cleanse and was asked about the length of the cleanse being 3-or 5 days and if that was enough time for one to “really cleanse”. My answer, our bodies are constantly filtering, detoxifying and metabolizing so although you know it or not, your body is always cleansing. By following a very simple whole foods diet, drinking only fresh juices as part of juice cleanse or water fasting, all cleansing practices, you can minimize the load you put on your body and allow it time and energy to heal.

On that note, although the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse is typically 3-or 5 days of just juice, my recommendation is to cleanse to juice and then slowly reintroduce foods. Making the average length of a cleanse at least one week.

5 Foods to AVOID (limit) before & after a cleanse

1. Sugar. There is no “good” or “okay” amount of refined sugar in your diet, many people would classify sugar as a dietary toxin. Despite the loose guidelines given by the USDA, refined sugar can lead to excess weight gain, blood sugar swings, increased insulin output and in some cases diets high in sugar have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Bottom line, leave it out. Instead choose naturally sweet foods such as fresh fruit, dried fruit and/or raw juice. Healthiest sweeteners: date sugar (made from dried dates) and blackstrap molasses.

2. Alcohol. A definite toxin and cause of dehydration it’s best to take it easy with alcohol going into the cleanse, especially avoiding alcohol the evening before the cleanse.

3. Wheat. Increasingly more and more people are developing wheat allergies and intolerances. This highly inflammatory grain is often the root of some digestive issues and is a common allergen. This means avoid most all processed food products, bread, pasta and cereals.

4. Dairy. Also a common allergen and food that often people develop intolerances to later in life, dairy is best to reduce and limit before and after the cleanse.

5. Caffeine. Much beloved in Portland, caffeine is okay and even proven to be beneficial in small doses. It’s the giant latte’s full of cream and sugar and double/triple shots of espresso that can cross the line.  Pre-cleanse it’s best to reduce your caffeine intake and ideally take a little break while cleansing. Alternatives include tea and Dandy Blend or Teeccino, both coffee alternatives.

Ready for a cleanse? Pure Simple Juice Cleanses available for pick-up or delivery every Thursday & Sunday!

Mar / 27

At last, Pure Simple Juice Delivers.

For those who just want to have a fresh bottle of juice handed to them when they arrive home from work or live on the East side of town and can’t seem to make it by our kitchen before 7pm, delivery is now available!

It’s simple, just select the “Juice Delivery” option prior to checking out and we’ll contact you to set-up a delivery window. The only catch, there must be a person present to receive your delivery. We will not leave your juice or cleanse on the doorstep for the squirrels to look after, sorry!

Cleanses will be delivered the evening before your cleanse start date and conveniently the 3-day cleanse will be delivered in one easy drop-off.

Mar / 27

A little known way to boost immunity.

Try this quick and easy at home Immune-Booster from Dr. Louise Rose.

Why is it that many people can be exposed to a circulating flu bug or virus, but only a few people get sick? Naturopathic doctors like to talk about the “terrain” of the body. We work with patients to build a vital terrain, which includes a strong immune system to protect us from the many microbes we encounter every day. Of course a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep are crucial to building a strong immune system, but adding hydrotherapy to your routine of self care has been shown to increase white blood cell activity, and decrease incidences of cold and flu viruses.

Hydrotherapy in a nutshell means therapeutic applications of hot and cold water, that act to increase blood flow which not only brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells but also enhances the elimination of cellular waste and debris. Hydrotherapy that you may be familiar with include bathing in hot mineral springs, dry sauna, constitutional hydrotherapy, or warming socks treatment; but the simplest way to bring the benefits of hydrotherapy into your routine is to end your shower with a short burst of cold (or cool) water. It is as simple as that! Take your shower as you normally do, and at the end, turn the water to cool (to start- as you get used to this you will want it colder and colder). Turn your body around and end with the cool water on your back in the kidney area. If you have the time it is nice to alternate a few rounds of hot/cold, but always end with cold! If you are someone who has poor circulation, or is always chilly, you may think this treatment is not for you. On the contrary! You will feel the increase in your circulation as your heart pumps blood back into your extremities and you will feel warmer when you get out of the shower!

Dr. Rose uses hydrotherapy (among other things) to build healthy terrain in her patients! She offers an incredible constitutional hydrotherapy program great for detox, healthy digestion and to boost immunity. It’s truly a healing experience.  Find Out More! 

Louise Rose ND, Rose Cabinet Medicine 2135 NE 55th Ave Portland OR 97213, 503-308-8608 rosecabinetmedicine.com

Mar / 13

Bring a bottle, Take a bottle

It’s the Pure Simple Juice great bottle round-up of 2012.

As a company Pure Simple Juice aims to incorporate sustainable, earth-friendly practices int our daily operations. A component of this is our use of glass bottles, although a little more energy intensive to produce their life is only as long as you make it.

This week we are encouraging all bottle returns. Special offer this Thursday bring back your clean bottle and we’ll fill it back up with our seasonal fresh juice–Apple/Kale/Mint for an extra $1 Off. Return bottles during Salt, Fire & Time Store hours 11-7pm or place on front porch during off hours.

We appreciate you joining our efforts for sustainability!

Juice/Bottle Returns to: Salt, Fire & Time Grocery/Pure Simple Juice Kitchen, 1902 NW 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Mar / 11

Real Food.

Real food for you! Chef Kimi Reid is incredible in the kitchen, her menus are truly awesome & she makes our kitchen smell delightful too.
On the table this week: 
- Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Preserved Lemon
- Herb and Pistachio Falafel, Cucumber and Red Onion salad,
-Pasta Primavera: Asparagus, peas, watercress, truffle
-Vegetable Sushi, brown rice, tamari-tahini
Pure Simple Juice/Food Program, juice during the day and enjoy a warm meal in the evening. Simple.