Why Pure Simple Juice?

There are many reasons why we love our juice and you should too!

  • + Local Organic Ingredients
  • + Locally Produced in Small Batches
  • + Rotating Seasonal Menu of Juice Blends
  • + Raw (Non-Pasteurized)
  • + Freshly Pressed
  • + Returnable or Recyclable Glass Bottles

Not Just Any Juice

Pure Simple Juice is made with the most beautiful fresh organic produce, hand chopped and pressed, then bottled and shared with you. There is no added sugar or “natural” flavors, it is what it says on the bottle, pure simple juice.

Wellness & Healing

Fresh juice contains many amazing nutrients that encourage wellness and healing. Because each glass of Pure Simple Juice provides at least 3-4 servings of fruits and/or vegetables, you can be sure each sip is providing you a concentrate dose of these powerful healers. Our body’s cells help protect us against the damage of day to day life and the vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting antioxidants found in juice help to reinvigorate and strengthen these defenses.  While raw juice does not have the fiber found in fresh fruit or veggies, juices provide an easily digestible and accessible energy source for these nutrients.

Seasonal Blends

We choose organic every time. And we aim to support smaller local farms and source from these operations whenever possible. Our juice blends feature Oregon and Washington-grown ingredients recognizing that our region provides the most amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of the farms we source from we met at the Portland Farmers Market, where we got our start. This means that as the weather and seasons change, juices will come and go. New recipes are constantly being created based on what is available.

Nut Milks

We also make organic nut/seed milks.  Nuts/seeds are soaked overnight and blended with filtered water to make a creamy and delicious non-dairy alternative. 

Raw (Non-Pasteurized) Juice

We do not pasteurize or flash-pasteurize any of our products, therefore all naturally occurring enzymes remain intact to promote better digestion and absorption of nutrients. As a trade-off our juice will have a shorter shelf-life (average 3 days) and must remain refrigerated. Occasionally, Vitamin-C (ascorbic acid) is added to help preserve freshness.

Pressed Juice

Pure Simple Juices uses a two-step juicing process.  After cleaning, the produce is ground into a fine pulp using a stainless steel blade. The pulp is deposited directly into cloth juicing bags and then immediately squeezed using a high-powered hydraulic press. This process ensures that exposure to oxygen is limited and the maximum amount of nutrients is extracted from each batch of produce.  This provides you with the best quality and greatest tasting juice.


As a small business we are dedicated to responsible and low impact business practices.  This commitment extends from how we source our ingredients, to where we sell our juice.  As with any product, packaging is a necessary part of our calculation and we have made a conscious effort to reduce waste by investing in reusable glass bottles.  While we understand it takes more energy to produce glass, we feel that it has the least long term impact on our environment and it’s life is only limited by how many times you return it or reuse it.