Pure Simple Juice Company Goals

  • + Promote individual health and balance
  • + Encourage beneficial dietary habits through nourishing beverages
  • + Provide ‘a habit altering experience’
  • + Support local agriculture & participate in sustainable business practices

Who We Are:

Dulcinea Ward | Founder, Juice Creator, Registered Dietitian


I specialize in a whole-body approach to nutrition, believing people can take control of their health and their lives through nourishing food, a balanced lifestyle and a positive state of mind. A few years ago, I purchased my first juicer and it was then I realized the amazing benefit of fresh juice and cleansing in my own life. Pure Simple Juice is my way of sharing this experience with others. I feel that healthy eating can be fun and enjoyable and it is my pleasure to make my favorite juice blends for you.
I am a registered dietitian, licensed in Oregon and I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University and completed a Dietetic Internship with the University of Virginia. Through my experience as a dietitian I have spent time counseling, meal planning, teaching classes and educating others. With this experience, I am able to bring many years of nutrition training to the business and fully believe in the positive health benefits of fresh juice.

Daniel Childs | Design, Branding & Collateral

DSC02914With a love for life, food, and design Daniel brings a critical and observant eye to the team.  He has played an important role as chief guinea pig, and cleanse tester since the first days of our venture.  He is also in charge of keeping your cleanse looking clean, tight and clutter free with a mind toward sustainability and reuse.


Phil Barber | Sous chef

Phil is responsible for preparing the fresh fruits and vegetables for their date with the juicer. Pure simple Juice represents the natural confluence of Phil’s wide-ranging interests in slow food, permaculture, environmental economics and farm-to-table community building. Originally from Washington, DC, Phil pursued undergraduate degrees in philosophy and political science in Oneonta, NY before moving to Portland in 2006.

Chalice Stroebe | Kitchen Assistant


Chalice presses all that lovely produce and keeps the kitchen organized. Originally from Montana she has found a second home in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys the Portland food culture and has become passionate about bringing good health to others. She is currently studying nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Medicine.